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90 Years | Our Story

HERITAGE | Museum of 90 Year Memorabilia || Since 1928  Patrick Bourke Menswear was founded by Patrick Bourke in 1928 on the corner of ‘The Square’ in Kilrush, Co.Clare. 90 years later, we celebrate an incredible milestone and today we roll back the years. From the day we set out to bring a state of art menswear experience to Kilrush, Co.Clare, we always had it in our minds that we wanted to keep our history ingrained in the business and on view for all to see.  Now located in the basement of ..read-more

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90 YEARS | A Life A Legacy

90 Years | A Life A Legacy “The odd one has told me I’m mad, there’s no doubt about that” Patrick speaks after completion of his new state of the art store in Kilrush, Co. Clare. A life, a legacy, a real life story and journey that started back in 1928. We have hit many highs and arrived at many lows on our path to get to our standing point in life today, but honesty, determination, commitment and community is what has carried us through time after time. We felt ..read-more

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State Of The Art Lifestyle Store | Patrick Bourke Menswear

New State Of The Art Store | Patrick Bourke Menswear Established in 1928, we breathe new life into our Kilrush store and officially launch our new state of the art lifestyle experience. This has been an exciting process as we begin to develop and add to the story that is Patrick Bourke Menswear. Now what lays in front of us is a newly renovated store that sets the benchmark for independents nationwide. It has been some journey over the past number of months to get us to this point. We ..read-more

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THE WORLD SLIOTAR | How Far Can Your Sliotar Go..?

It’s back, the journey across the globe for 2018 is about to begin. Introducing ‘The WORLD SLIOTAR’ campaign 2018, how far can your sliotar go.? What materialised over a cup of tea in our Ennis store developed into one of the biggest success stories early last year. After purchasing 5,000 sliotars in the lead up to the mighty All-Ireland Final where Clare defeated Cork after a replay in Croke Park, we were now left with a large quantity of bespoke branded sliotars in 2017. Without an All-Ireland Final to show ..read-more

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Tailoring Masterclass

A suit is a piece of sartorial armour that can serve a man through every battle and triumph he faces. It is the easiest, most flattering item we can wear. A good piece of tailoring can improve your key looks for Autumn Winter, imbuing its wearer with confidence and clout. It’s time to take the official tour and welcome you to the 1st floor of Patrick Bourke Menswear, the #SuitSpecialists and your destination store for the Mid-West. Shop your premium labels including Magee Clothing | Benetti | REMUS UOMO | ..read-more

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Basement Barber Officially Open | Patrick Bourke Menswear

Introducing the ‘Basement Barber’ at Patrick Bourke Menswear This exciting new concept will transform and revolutionise the whole new shopping experience at the number one destination store of the Mid-West. At the Basement Barber, treat yourself to an old fashioned barbering experience with along list of shaves, trims and treatments now exclusively available. It’s time to experience a whole new lifestyle.. Call us in store on (065) 684 4330 to book an appointment | Walks-ins welcome.

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The Basement | Top Picks for Christmas

The Christmas rush is just around the corner and it’s time to start writing those Christmas wish lists for the festive season. Here are the latest fashion trends, must-have clothes and best style advice and inspiration from the guys at Patrick Bourke Menswear. Get acquainted with our top picks this Christmas, must have winter coats, sneakers we love, and the premium labels that we’ve all come to expect from the Basement in store. It’s time to start looking good, trust us. Because we’re all in need of gift ideas this holiday season, ..read-more

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Alison | Padraig McGrath Testimonial

Alison | Padraig McGrath   Thank you Patrick Bourke Menswear for supplying all our suits at our recent wedding. The quality of the suits and the professionalism of the team at Patrick Bourke’s is incredible 5☆ service A joy to visit everytime.

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